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Git-Bit Football Jig

BlueBlackBlue Black
OconeeChartFootballOconee Chart
BlueBlackChartFootballBlue Black Chart
PBJFootballP B and J
JunebugBloodFootballJunebug Blood

We offer the Football Jig in 1/2oz and 3/4oz. The colors are Oconee, Blue/Black, Oconee Chart, Blue Black Chart, Money, P B and J, Coffee and Junebug Blood. 1/2oz Football Jig works great Flipping and Pitching to docks, stumps, etc. 1/2oz and 3/4oz Football Jig works great for working deep Points ,Ledges , etc. Oconee , Oconee/Chart and Money are best to use when water is clear. Blue/Black and Blue/Black/Chart and Junebug Blood are best to use when water is stain.

The Git-Bit Baits Football Jig have unique dimples on jig heads that give more action to the skirt as in comes through the water and dimples also give a 3D look to the Bass. Dimples also remove some of the weight allowing for a bigger jig head for less hang-up around rocks, wood, etc. We use Mustad 4/0 Wide Gap hooks on our Football Jig. Git-Bit jig heads are Made in USA!

The Skirts that we use on our Football Jig are 54 count Bio-Flex silicone that give the jig a full body. Also has removable rattle system where you can add rattles or leave them off. Rattles not included.

$3.69 each     Color and Size



6 per pack  $2.99