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Git-Bit Baits Thumper Jig

3/8oz Thumper Jig Black Red3/8oz Black Red Thumper Jig
Thumper Jig1/2oz Blue Black Thumper Jig
Blue BlackBlue Black
Oconee ChartOconee Chart
Blue Black ChartBlue Black Chartreuse
PB JP B and J
Junebug BloodJunebug Blood

Git-Bit Baits Thumper Jig uses a Turbo blade in front of 1/4oz, 3/8oz and 1/2oz jig that makes that jig shake as it comes through the water. Choose from any of the colors - Oconee, Blue/Black, Money, Oconee Chart, PB & J , Coffee, Blue/Black/Chart, Black Red and Junebug Blood.