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AWD Baits Crappie Jig

AWD Baits Crappie Jig - Acid RainAcid Rain
AWD Baits Crappie Jig - PopsiclePopsicle
AWD Baits Crappie Jig - John Deer GreenJohn Deer Green
AWD Baits Crappie Jig Black GoldBlack Gold
AWD Baits Crappie Jig - Lucky LeprechaunLucky Leprechaun
AWD Baits Rattlesnake SilverRattlesnake Silver
AWD Baits Light PurpleLight Purple Chart
AWD Baits Purple PassionPurple Passion
AWD Baits Blue Gittler BlackBlue Gittler Black
AWD Baits Tiger TailTiger Tail
AWD Baits Crappie Jig - WildcatWild Cat
AWD Baits RattlesnakeRattlesnake

2" AWD Baits have a tri-tail and we have the best selling colors in stock! This jig works great on Crappie and other Pan fish.  

If you buy 3 or more Crappie Umbrella Rigs choose a free pack of AWD Crappie Jig. Please email us at thumpbaits@hotmails or leave detail of what color of AWD when your checking out using Paypal.  Thanks

Colors $2.19

10 per pack

Colors $7.49 save 30%
50 per pack

Colors $12.49 save 40%
100 per pack