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1.5" Crappie Slug

Crappie Slug work well when fish are finicky.  Not a lot of action , but sometimes that what you need.  Crappie Slug are made in USA by Southern Pro.

crappieslug_tennesseshadTennesse Shad crappieslug_badbloodBad Blood crappieslug_acidrainAcid Rain
crappieslug_CrawdadCrawdad crappieslug_greenyellowGreen Yellow crappieslug_chartreuseshadChartreuse Shad
crappieslug_firetigerFiretiger crappieslug_bluegillBlue Gill crappieslug_redheadRed Head
crappieslug_blueblackchartBlue Black Chart crappieslug_bumblebeeBumble Bee crappieslug_popsiclePopsicle
crappieslug_blackchartredBlack Chartreuse Red crappieslug_albinoshadAlbino Shad  
$1.89 Crappie Slug 10 per pack