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Crappie Jigs

Thump Baits carries a great line of Crappie Jigs from AWD Baits , Crappie Snack and Ring Grub.  We also carry Southern Pro Stinger Shad, Crappie Stinger , Crappie Slug and Crappie Shad.    Click photo to link to page.

AWD_popsicleAWD Popsicle

Crappie_Snack_bettlejuiceCrappie Snack Bettlejuice

Ring Grub_Acid RainRing Grub Baby Bream

stinger_shadStinger Shad Electric Chicken

CrappieStinger_popsicleCrappie Stinger Popscile

Crappie_SlugCrappie Slug Tennesse Shad

Crappie_ShadCrappie Shad Pearl Blue