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Crappie Umbrella Rig for $6.99! now on sale for $4.99

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crappie umbrella rig
acidrainBuy 3 Crappie Umbrella Rigs and get a free pack of AWD Baits. Link to webpage for more info

$4.99 each
You may still order, will be back in stock in a few weeks
Black - Out of Stock
White - In Stock
Chartreuse -In Stock
Crappie Umbrella Rig - $4.99 each
$6.99 shipping and free shipping on orders over $75.00

The Umbrella Rig works so good that B.A.S.S. ban it in the Bassmaster Classic and Elite Series Trail.

Go after more then one Crappie with this rig.   The Crappie Umbrella Rig weight is around 3/16oz without Jighead.    The Crappie Umbrella Rig has 5 arms and are 4" long.    The Crappie Umbrella Rig will also catch Bass , Stripers, Hybrids, etc.    We suggest using 15lbs - 20lbs test line.   Works great catching fish at night around dock lights!   Crappie Umbrella Rigs are custom made by Flash Lures LLC and are made in the USA.

crappieumbrellarigCrappie Umbrella Rig

1.5.lbs Crappie caught on Crappie Umbrella Rig crappie caught on curTrolling at Lake Sinclair GA using Crappie Umbrella Rig
curoncrappie.comRead this post by clicking on photo and linking to